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Karina Smirnoff and Jason Adelman have ended their engagement, according to reports.It's now the third engagement the 37-year-old has called off.“I’m definitely heartbroken,” says Smirnoff, a regular dancer on the ABC reality hit .Her breakup in June from actor Mario Lopez, with whom she was paired in 2006 on the third season of the show, left her wishing she could “just crawl into bed, eat ice cream …After graduating from Fordham University with a double degree, she put her academic studies on hold to pursue her ballroom dancing career in the United Kingdom.

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But for Karina Smirnoff, putting on a happy face has become more complicated than any paso doble.“All women are attracted to the bad boys,” she says, “[but] when you’re looking for the ideal man, it’s how he treats you that is most important.” Wiping away a tear, she flashes a smile that, while not competition-ready, is still hopeful. So it makes sense that the 36-year-old Ukranian took steps to secure the possibility of having children one day by freezing her eggs, which she revealed to Good Morning America in February.On Friday Radar Online reported she may not wait for a man to come along to have a child.In February she told GMA she went through 12 days of estrogen injections before her eggs were retrieved.

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